DemEAUmed - Demonstrating integrated innovative technologies for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Mediterranean tourist facilities

The aim of demEAUmed project is the involvement of industry representatives, stakeholders, policy-makers and diverse technical and scientific experts in demonstrating and promoting innovative technologies, for an optimal and safe closed water cycle in Euro-Mediterranean tourist facilities, leading to their eventual market uptake. A representative resort placed in Catalonia, Spain, is considered as a DEMO site, where a representative part of all inlet and outlet waters will be characterised, treated with proper innovative technologies, and reused to reduce the carbon footprint of water management in an integrated approach at demonstration level. Reduction of fresh water consumption in hotel installations, green and recreational areas, etc. will be achieved by using alternative water sources, such as treated groundwater, treated rainwater or the reuse of treated grey waters and/or wastewaters within the resort. All possibilities will be considered for the resort as a whole, taking into account the specific quality/quantity requirements of water at the different areas of the DEMO site, as well as current/future compliance with water regulations. The incorporation of advanced monitoring and control systems and a decision support tool will ultimately define the best water management solutions by means of considered technological solutions. An exhaustive environmental and socio-economic assessment will also be conducted. demEAUmed will face two key challenges: the importance of the tourism economy and water scarcity characteristic of the area. demEAUmed will be a critical platform for promoting the use of sustainable and innovative technologies in other Euro-Mediterranean tourist facilities in light of also the global tourism market. The project will design a dissemination plan analysing critical stakeholders/customers to adequately transfe rdemEAUmed results. Creation of new market opportunities to European industry and SMEs will also be addressed.

Additional Info

  • Start: 2013
  • Duration: 42 months
  • LEQUIA grant: 422.732 Euros (ICRA alliance)
  • Funding organisation: European Commission
  • Program: FP7-ENV-2013-Water-Inno-Demo
  • Reference: GA 699116

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Laboratory of Chemical and Enviromental Engineering

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Universitat de Girona
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