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Resilience of water resource recovery facilities: a framework for quantitative model-based assessment

The water sector is entering a period of uncertainty, as stressors such as climate change pose unknown risks to its infrastructure. Utilities need to build resilience to handle unpredictable changes, but the field of resilience in water management is still at its infancy. This thesis will first examine the state of the art of resilience implementation in water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) and identify challenges to its implementation. Secondly, a framework to measure resilience using modelling techniques is proposed. Thirdly, a WRRF model is calibrated and validated at full scale using state of the art dynamic aeration modelling, to be used to validate the framework with two stressors: stormwater and power outage.

Additional Info

  • Author: Pau Juan Garcia
  • Supervisor: Dr Peter Daldorph (Atkins UK), Dr Arthur Thornton (Atkins UK), Dr Lluís Corominas (ICRA) and Dr Joaquim Comas (ICRA - tutor UdG)
  • Year: 2019
  • University: University of Girona

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