LEQUIA will host the next edition of EU-ISMET, the European conference on electromicrobial technologies

Last edition was held in 2018 in Newcastle (UK) 


UdG LEQUIA research group will organise the fifth edition of the European conference of the International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology: EU-ISMET 2020. The event will be held in September 2020 and will place Girona (Catalonia, Spain) on the forefront of research in electromicrobial technologies in Europe.


Electromicrobial technologies or bioelectrochemical systems link a microbial metabolism to an electrochemical system. Such technologies are still under development, but during the past few years have increasingly attracted the attention of the scientific community due to its numerous environmental and energy applications. Thus, in a not too distant future, they could be used to treat wastewater or to synthetize commodities on a far more sustainable form than nowadays.


The Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (LEQUIA) is a multidisciplinary research group of the University of Girona set up 25 years ago. Widely known for its scientific activity in water treatment, in the past decade LEQUIA has positioned itself in the study and development of bioelectrochemical systems. Dr Sebastià Puig, the future chairman of EU-ISMET 2020, is currently the principal researcher of three European projects dealing with these technologies: BioRECO2VER, ELECTRA and WAFRA. BioRECO2Ver tackles bioconversion of carbon dioxide into isobutene, ELECTRA applies bioelectrochemical systems to water remediation and WAFRA focuses on aquaculture. Moreover, the group has produced five doctoral theses on bioelectroystems since 2015; three of them, were awarded.


Last edition of EU-ISMET took place during 3 days in 2018 in the English city of Newcastle upon Tyne and brought together the main researchers and professionals in Europe within their field. We are looking forward to September 2020 to know whether Girona will meet expectations and give a significant boost to electromicrobial technologies so that they will be soon part of lives.


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  • Date: 2018-1-15

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