Narcís Pous, UdG 2015 Extraordinary Doctorate Prize in Water Science and Technology

LEQUIA researcher Narcís Pous Rodríguez has been awarded with the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize of the University of Girona in Water Science and Technology for his thesis “Bioremediation of nitrate-polluted groundwater using bioelectrochemical systems”, directed by Drs Sebastià Puig, Marilós Balaguer and Jesús Colprim. The Extraordinary Doctorate Prizes were given on September 22nd during the official ceremony marking the opening of the new academic course.


Narcís Pous’ thesis tackles an environmental issue of great relevance in Catalonia: the pollution of groundwater with high nitrate levels. The researcher investigated the capacity of certain bacteria to reduce these compounds to nitrogen, an inert gas. As a result, a bioelectrochemical process to treat nitrates at high denitrification speed and with a competitive energy cost was developed and patented by UdG LEQUIA research group (WO/2014/082989). Moreover, the electrochemical properties of the microorganism involved were characterized and the key denitrification subcommunities were elucidated.


The full thesis on the online portal “Tesis doctorals en xarxa”:


Photo: Narcís Pous (at the centre) after his thesis dissertation, with his thesis'directors and the members of the jury. 


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  • Date: 2016-09-22

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