High participation of LEQUIA researchers in the 1st IWA Resource Recovery Conference in Ghent (RR2015)

The First IWA International Resource Recovery Conference (RR2015) brings together researchers, involved in the recovery and production of resources from aqueous streams, with representatives of the chemical and other industries. The main scope of the meeting is to create better “pipelines” from resource (“wastewater”) to the industries using the products. Such pipelines can create a demand driven process development as well as avoid mismatches between product specification and market demands.


The conference is beign held in Ghent (Belgium) from August 30th to September 2nd 2015. LEQUIA researchers participate with 3 oral presentations and 1 poster. Topics addressed are syngas fermentation through a natural mixed culture, microbial electrosynthesis of C2-C4 platform from carbon dioxide and the control of struvite particles’ size. Details are given below:


  • Influence of initial pH and media buffering in product speciatino of a syngas-fermenter natural mixed culture, by R. Ganigué Pagès (oral presentation)


  • Microbial electrosynthesis of C2-C4 platform chemicals from carbon dioxide, by S. Puig (oral presentation)


  • Using the up-flow velocity as a parameter to control struvite particles’ size. S. Puig. University of Girona, E. Tarragó, S. Puig, M. Ruscalleda, MD. Balaguer, J. Colprim (oral presentation and poster) 

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