Circular water management in touristic facilities

Workshop inspired by the project Reucity - Innovative technologies for resource efficient cities

Friday 19th May 2017

Hotel Samba, Francesc Cambó 10, Lloret de Mar

In Mediterranean touristic cities the water demand is increased by 5-10 times in summer, when the fresh water sources are at their minimum. In turn, higher water consumption results in bigger wastewater generation and an overload of existing wastewater systems. The project REUCITY (Innovative technologies for resource efficient cities) led by LEQUIA research group of University of Girona has delivered tools, technologies and knowledge for decentralized and efficient management of water in close relation to food and energy, and has tested them in a real environment, hotel Samba in Lloret de Mar. This workshop will present the main findings and results and create a framework to discuss new strategies for sustainable water management in touristic installations with experts and stakeholders involved (university researchers, water utilities managers, companies - technology providers, touristic facilities owners and managers). 



  • Present circular water management solutions related to energy and food, and their benefits and costs: how to reduce water bills with positive environmental impacts.
  • Present the results of REUCITY and its interaction with other ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • Explore the motivation and constraints of such implementations: of the tourist sector, water authorities, utilities, and related sectors such as energy and food.
  • Explore the motivation and the constraints of companies for developing business plans for small scale reuse systems.
  • Promote debate and discussion between all stakeholders from a multidisciplinary approach.



The workshop is organised by LEQUIA research group of the University of Girona.



Attendance is free of charge, but registration is needed, as the space is limited to 30 participants. Attendants should send an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their name, contact details and organisation, or register on the LEQUIA website. Registration will take place on the order of enrolment.




11.30 h - 13.00 h 

Guided tour: implemented technologies of the DemEauMed project for water reuse at hotel Samba 

13.00 h - 14.30 h 

Networking lunch 

14.30 h – 14.45 h

Welcome // Manel Poch (LEQUIA-UdG), Eduard Coloma (hotel Samba) 

14.45 h - 15.00 h

Tourism and water in the Costa Brava // Ariadna Gabarda-Mallorquí (Department of Geography, UdG) 

15.00 h - 15.45 h

Closing loops: water and nutrients

Project REUCITY - Innovative technologies for resource efficient cities - Presentation of results // Natasa Atanasova (LEQUIA-UdG)

The DemEauMed Project - Closing the water cycle // Gianluigi Buttiglieri (ICRA)

Sani Urban - The innovative option for sustainable on site sanitation // Jochen Scheerer (Asepma)

15.45 h - 16.30 h

Let's have some fun: promote your closed-loop technology!

Elevator presentations (5 minutes) from technology providers will be evaluated by a jury of hotel managers and utilities. The aim is to identify the barriers and opportunities of closed-loop concepts, considering the opinion of several stakeholders 

16.30 h - 17.00 h


17.00 h - 18.00 h

Discussion and concluding remarks 


Additional Info

  • Date: 2017-05-19
  • Adress: Hotel Samba, Francesc Cambó 10, Lloret de Mar

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