The main objective of the workshop is the dissemination of LIFE solutions for wastewater treatment and/or management among wastewater stakeholders. LEQUIA has carried out an study to identify the main needs and requirements in the wastewater field in Catalonia and Spain. From these analysis, a selection of different successful LIFE projects that can give responses and solutions to these needs has been done. These projects will be presented in the workshop.

The workshop is organized by LEQUIA in collaboration with DICEA, UTILITATIS i PHYSIS, within the SHOWW project: LIFE10 INF/IT/00282 SHOWW project– puShing aHead with field implementatiOn of the best fitting WasteWater treatment and management solutions ( The main objective of the project is to facilitate the dissemination and reproduction of treatments and solutions for wastewater treatment and management that have already proved successful in previous LIFE projects. The program brings together experts of both academic and industrial sectors. Among them you can find Dr. Joaquim Comas (LEQUIA, UdG), Dr. Riccardo Gori (DICEA, University of Florence), Toumazi Toumazis (University of Cyprus) and Dr. Jesús Colprim (LEQUIA, UdG).

The attendance is free of charge, but registration is needed (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Registration will take place on the order of enrolment. Please, when registering note your organisation's name and if you will need simultaneous translation service.


9:00-9:40 Participant’s registration

9:40-9:50 Welcome greetings - Dr. Joaquim Comas (University of Girona)

9:50-10:10 Innovations’ portal: the SHOWW project - Dr. Riccardo Gori (University of Florence)

10:10-10:30 The SHOWW application: the Spanish case - Dr. Alba Anfruns (University of Girona)

10:30-10:55 Conception of the Sewage Treatment Plant of XXI Century (Project NOVEDAR_Consolider)- José Porro (University of Girona)

10:55-11:20 Water 2020 - Conceiving wastewater treatment plants in 2020 - Dr. Sonia Suárez (University of Santiago de Compostela)

11:20-11:40 Coffee-break

11:40-12:05 Cost reduction in WWTP (project AERE) - Dr. Riccardo Gori (University of Florence)

12:05-12:25 Sludge production minimization and energyrecovery from sludge: State-of-the-art - Dr. Joan Mata (University of Barcelona)

12:25-12:50 Phosphorus removal in WWTPs - Merijin Picavet (Colsen)

12:50-13:15 Energy recovery from wastewater (project OMZET) - Henry van Veldhuizen (Water schap Vallei en Veluwe)

13:15-13:40 Industrial wastewater treatment – Olive oil industry (OLEICO Project) - Dr. Francesca Santori (ISRIM, Italy)

13:40-15:10 Lunch

15:10-15:35 Nitrogen removal in landfill leachates (CLONIC Project) - Dr. Jesús Colprim (University of Girona)

15:35-16:00 Wastewater and reuse - Dr. Paloma Grau (CEIT, Donostia)

16:00-16:20 Emerging contaminants removal (project DemEAU) - Dr. Ester Vilanova (Amphos 21)

16:20-16:40 Water research to market (project WATERTOM) - Dra. Ester Vilanova (Amphos 21)

16:40-17:30 Round table - Evaluation of the existent communication between wastewater stakeholders - Dr. Manel Poch (moderator, University de Girona)

Additional Info

  • Date: 7/2/2014
  • Adress: Parc Científic i Tecnològic de la UdG, Auditori de l'edifici Jaume Casademont

Laboratory of Chemical and Enviromental Engineering

Institut de Medi Ambient
Universitat de Girona
Campus Montilivi
17003 Girona

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