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Meet LEQUIA researchers at the “EcoSTP2014” Conference in Verona

The 2nd IWA Specialized International Conference “Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP2014)” seeks to provide a common place for experts including engineers, scientists, economists and policy makers, to present their most recent technological and scientific outcomes. This holistic approach will serve as platform to exchange experiences and know how among water professionals, and a good opportunity to meet LEQUIA researchers.


Firstly, five oral presentations and one poster will be presented at the main conference to be held from 23 to 25th June:

  • Lessons learnt from N2O production during extremely high nitrogen streams treatment (Jordi Gabarró), oral presentation
  • Conversion Of Carbon Dioxide From WWTP Into Valuable Products Through Microbial Electrosynthesis (Pau Batlle-Vilanova), oral presentation.
  • N And COD removal of leachate enhancing the COD biodegradability combining Panammox® and PhotoFenton (Alba Anfruns), oral presentation.
  • A knowledge-based Decision support Tool For Selecting Eco-Wastewater Treatment Technologies (Jose Porro), oral presentation
  • Water Footprint Assessment In Wastewater Treatment Plants (Serni Morera Carbonell, Joaquim Comas), oral presentation
  • Comprehensive life cycle inventories for the construction of sewer systems and wastewater treatment(Serni Morera and Joaquim Comas), poster.


Secondly, Marie Cure ITN SANITAS project ( organizes a workshop on June 26th focused on emerging challenges for a sustainable and integrated urban water system management. SANITAS coordinator Dr Joaquim Comas will present the research outcomes of SANITAS fellows on decision support systems, while SANITAS Experienced Researcher José Porro will give an overview on the work carried out on the analysis of integrated urban water systems.


Last and not least, we will also participate in the plenary meeting of Action COST Water 2020 (, which is aligned with EcoSTP integrated approach by bringing together European leading water professionals to integrate the technological, environmental, energetic, economic and social factors of the wastewater treatment plants.

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